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Super Mega Tube Slide & Duck Boat Rides

God's Country is now the home to the largest Super Mega Tube Slide in the United States with a downhill slide of 260 feet long.  Our Super Mega Slide is open on select dates during the Spring and Fall Seasons..  The Super Mega Slide is not open during the winter or the hot summer months.  The Super Mega Slide and Duck Boat rides are add-on attractions and are not included with basic day passes or resort stays.  Super Mega Day passes are $25 per person.  For guests staying in the resort a Super Mega Add-On is only $15.   You can rent duck boats during most stays for $35 per hour.


Basic Day Passes are $15 per person.  Basic day passes includes entry into resort and access to playgrounds, jumping pillows, game room, disc golf, fishing ponds, restrooms and pavillion.  It does NOT include access to Super Mega Slide, Duck Boats, Swimming Pool, or Train Rides. 

Super Mega Day Passes are $25 per person.  It includes access to all Basic Day Pass Activities as well as Unlimited Super Mega Tube Slide Rides and Duck Boat rides during slide operating hours of 4pm to 6pm on Friday and Saturdays during the Spring and Fall seasons only.  Check with CampStore for seasonal dates.  Duck Rides require at least one adult rider with a Super Mega Pass.  Only open as weather permitting. 

Super Mega Add-On Pass for Guests staying In Campground are $15 per person per day.  It includes unlimited slide rides and duck boat rides during slide operating hours of 4pm-6pm on Friday and Saturdays during the Spring and Fall only.  This pass is limited to those listed on the reservation only and are not for guests that they invite over.  Those invited guests must purchase a Super Mega Day Pass.  The Super Mega Slide is closed during the hot summer months as well as the Winter.  It is open on select dates only during the Spring and Fall.

Train Ride Tickets can be purchased in the CampStore for $10 per person.  Children under 8-years-old must have a ticketed adult riding with them.  Train rides are available at 7:20pm on Wednesday-Sunday, however tickets must be purchased before 6pm each day.  Train will not run in cold, rain, or inclement weather.  Train rides are seasonal. 

Swimming Pool access is limited to resort guests staying in the Campground.  However families may get a tent site for as little as $40 per day, which includes picnic table, grill and a fire ring or fire pit, and they will have access to the pool. 

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